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The poker variant of Omaha was initially played in the 1980s and rapidly rose to prominence and high favor with casino card players. In this pleasurable and compelling game, every player is dealt four cards, with five communal cards placed on the table. During the showdown an exact total of two privately held cards and three communal cards compose the best hand of a card player. All players should have knowledge and understanding of the general rules of poker.

Omaha is most often played with blinds, but no ante. Players can number from two to ten. If upwards of two players are involved, the player positioned directly to the left of the dealer will place a small blind. Then the player to his or her left will place a big blind of the same amount as the lowest bet. The small blind is usually equal to half this amount. A “heads-up” game of Omaha involves just two card players. When there are only two players, the small blind will be placed by the dealer and the big blind by the other player. Omaha High may be played with betting limits in place.

After the dealer shuffles and cuts the cards, he or she then “burns” a single card. Dealing cards face down, the dealer distributes four cards to each player (“hole” or “pocket” cards). The player positioned directly left of the big blind starts the betting. Since the blinds equate to bets, the small blind must pay just the amount equaling the difference between the two blinds in order to call. Making the last move, the big blind can choose to raise, even in the event that the remainder of the players have called.

Following the first round of betting, the dealer will proceed to burn a single card, placing three cards face-up on the table (the “flop”). Then the player positioned directly left of the dealer starts the betting’s second round. After the completion of the second round of betting, a single card is again burned by the dealer who places another single card on the table, face-up (the “Fourth Street” or “turn”). The third round of betting then begins in the same manner. At the end of the third round of betting, the dealer again burns one card and then deals a single card, placing it face-up (the “Fifth Sreet” or “river”). This is followed by the final betting round leading up to the showdown. In the showdown, each player uses two of their hole cards and three board cards. The highest hand of cards wins the game.