7-Card Stud

When You Are in the Mood for Classic Poker

Seven-Card Stud is a classic poker game with five rounds of betting involving from two to eight card players. There are seven cards in a hand and antes rather than blinds. As you probably know, an ante is the money amount or number of chips necessary for the pot in advance to dealing a new game. The player who “brings it in” puts a low limit in the pot, thus beginning the new game. This amount may be equal to one-half the amount of the lowest acceptable bet for any specific game.

Each Player Is Dealt Seven Cards From Which to Pick a Hand of Five. As the Game Begins:

  • Each player puts in his or her ante.
  • Each player is dealt two cards face-down (hole cards or pocket cards) along with one card face-up. The dealer always deals first to the player positioned directly to his or her left.
  • The card player having the lowest card with its face up must then add in a modest bet (the “bring in”). All players make the choice of whether to call their cards, raise them, or fold them.
  • Following the betting, every card player is dealt an additional face-up card (the “Fourth Street” or “turn”). Then there is another betting round which begins with the card player having the highest visible cards. From this point to the end of the game, the player having the highest visible cards will be the first player to place a bet.
  • Following the betting, fifth street (the river) is then dealt to all players as a face-up card. Additional betting ensues, after which players are dealt the sixth card face-up. Then there is more betting.
  • The last card (the seventh) is dealt next and placed face-down. This is followed by the last round of betting of the game. Then comes showdown. The card player showing the best hand of five cards wins.

When playing 7-Card Stud, always pay attention to the third card dealt to every player in the game (the “door card”). Since the dealer places this card face-up, by observing all players’ door cards you can tell the number of cards belonging to a certain rank or suit that are already in play.