A Clever Variation to Blackjack

The casino card game of Switch is essentially equivalent to standard Blackjack, but at the same time it isn’t Blackjack at all. The major difference between the two is that in Switch the player has two separate hands to play, starting with the right hand followed by the left. Afterward, the dealer plays his or her hand of cards. In Switch, a blackjack will pay the ratio of odds 1 to 1 rather than 3 to 2. In addition, if you attain a blackjack following switching, it will most likely count only as a 21. Also, if the dealer has a hand of 22, it will push all existing player card hands other than a natural blackjack.

Switch also involves a Super Match, or side wager which is an option. If you decide to place a Super Wager at a time when your first four cards contain two or greater matching cards, you win the super bet. When playing Blackjack Switch online, you will click the chips, raising your wager. There are two betting places, (1) the Normal: one of the two major circles; and (2) the Super Match: the smaller space between the larger two circular areas. When clicking the Normal bet you are, in effect, making two equal wagers for both of your card hands. After betting, click on “Deal.”

Following the dealing of the cards, you can then click Hit, Stand, Split, Double, take Insurance or Switch. However, don’t forget that when you have clicked Hit, Double, Stand or Insurance you will not be able to Switch. If you wish to play a second round, click “New Game.” While there are some must-use strategies to be followed it mainly comes down to being lucky. Many of the best players make good use of a Blackjack Switch strategy calculator in order to accurately decide whether or not to switch or to choose other best game plans and strategies.